vendredi 24 juin 2011


Over 1,200 Syrians were cowardly assassinated, some were persecuted, kidnapped, brutally tortured ...

A young Syrian living in Jordan, the Syrian flag painted on her fingers, demonstrating outside the Syrian Embassy in Jordan, April 24, 2011 REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

During the Tunisian revolution, I thought that Ben Ali was a ruthless savage, same thing for Mubarek when it was the turn of Egypt to rise, but then whith the the February 17 youth movement I discovered a whole new level of cruelty with Gaddafi and his despicable methods to oppress the Libyan! I thought then that no man in this world can be worse than him...
Unfortunately I was wrong and that Bashar who sees himself as a lion is now showing us a horrible ugliness, so horrible that I never imagined such a horror could come from a human being, if “it” is human, and sincerely I do not think so. But the Syrians are still standing and so will remain, because once the people have raised, all the dictator can do is delaying the deadline! In the end he will fall, he will fall like others who believed themselves untouchable have fallen, he will fall and the people will triumph.

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